Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Piss Ants

To: The Queen
From: The General

Our colony was approached by a human infant sometime around dusk as workers were finishing up with foraging and construction duties. Forward security units were alerted and two teams were dispatched to defend our perimeter. Biters began their assault on the human baby and it was determined that the mission was successful when the child began shrieking, quickly retreating from the colony’s perimeter.

Although a few biters were able to survive the attack, having fallen from the infant’s flesh after attacking with stinging bits, the majority of soldiers from both assault teams were crushed between the fingers of an adult human who picked up the baby and moved it well out of range from the colony.

All of the dead soldiers have been accounted for, collected, and eaten. They will need to be replaced soon, depending on your reproductive schedule.

To: The General
From: The Queen

Yes, you did say that, by locating our colony here, we’d be risking some contact with humans. And you did say that we’d be safer here than in some vacant lot or along the street and I believe you’ve been right about that. In fact, I’d say your leadership and wisdom has been spot on, so I trust your judgment and experience.

Please send some workers and biters to my chamber, it’s time for a royal gangbang. I’ll serve them some of my sweet nectar, if you know what I mean. BTW, please accompany them to my private sweet nectar stash and have them bring up a few cases; nothing fancy and not the good stuff. Also, have one of them grab a box of cheroots. They’re going to want one after getting a romp with the Queen, and I’m going to need the rest. Ha ha, that could go both ways, “the rest,” and just there, “both ways.” I crack myself up.

Now, be a good General and get on this. Send those boys up for some hot queen ant pussy and I’ll have your replacements to you right away.