Me n' My Homies

Me: Don't lecture me, sonny, I've been clogging up the Intertubes with my words since before the was a web for popularating Lolcats and Jadyn Smith hating. Back then, the only tweeting that took place was over at and then only after spending an hour downloading an ASCII graphic to twitter tweet to. It was the dark ages: I had an 80/86 and connected through my phone at 300 baud... if you know what I'm talking about, tell me, I can barely remember those days.

I suppose I could create all kinds of things about myself, like The Huffington Post bloggers - "Writer, award-winning blogger, political activist, cigarette lighter thief, professor of These Things and Those Items at the University of Tomorrow" - but instead I'll just say that I like pie. Really, anything shoved into dough and then baked, of which pie is the apotheosis.

The LoML - The Love of My Life, Scrabble pirate, Grammar goddess, she does not edit this site and is rather appalled that I even do this - she is not amused. That's not to say that she's humorless and she's terribly good about laughing at my jokes but she doesn't appreciate life around here being on display. Or blogged about. Or flashed on Facebook. Or,especially, tweeted, she hates Twitter. She doesn't understand the global/social importance of tweeting a photo of what we're eating at Carrabba's.

EC - Eldest Child, 17, not an obnoxious adolescent.

Frank - Middle Child, 14, currently gender fluid and into whatever else all the kids are into these days.

Mister - My Little Buddha, 13, living with his mom in Colorado.

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