Thursday, September 24, 2015

Got yer' not Yer' regular Harvest Moon, here

Place this for your sweetie on Saturday while the two of you watch the moon. Stay in the 
backyard, there's naked tumbling in the forecast.

Not wanting to have a repeat of the previous night (man, that would make a killer band name), I stayed in, submitted more applications, survived a skull-cracking headache. I'm still picking up bits of brain from around the house. Don't want to be leaving out zombie bait in these time, yannow.

Coffee made me feel better this morning, less like someone had tried to open my head with a pair of Garden Weasels. 

It seems we're off to a good start to the Halloween season, a Blood Super Moon this Saturday, an event that is sure to have Donald Trump jumping up and down and screeching,  flinging poo at all willing cameras. In case you're unfamiliar with the "Super Moon" term, it's not that the Moon puts on a cape as it dashes across the sky to rousing music. It's just a really big moon. The blood part comes from the fact that it's the color that washes down the drain in Dexter due to the Earth getting between the Sun and the Moon, presumably to stop the two from getting into a brawl (the Moon would so get its ass kicked).

Since it starts at 6:07 PM here, we'll just get the last couple of hours of blood. That's what we get for living in a freaking desert.

In case you catch the event in passing ("Wow, it's blood colored and big!") as you're on your way to something slightly more exciting than watching the moon, here's a primer about what you saw:

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