Monday, April 26, 2021

Backyard haiku

Mating rituals

Dead leaves chase each other in the wind

Like two horny moths


Boom, boom, doom and gloom

boot heels scraping out divots

turf torn up by Goths


Alone, a boy cries

ice cream bakes on the blacktop

where bullies gloat


Where the water drains

things wriggle in putrid pools

a stick is a boat


It’s time for nighthawks

crepuscular insect clouds

and barbecue smoke


Spinning soccer ball

Dad spanks his daughter’s ass then

gives his son a poke


Brown lizards skitter

into cracked bricks’ crevices

swallowing their catch




My neighbor’s dog bark

insanely whimpering when

I unhook the latch


Gray hair and limp gait

little dog pulls them forward

but stops when they kiss


Boom stereo thud

“Check me out, motherfucker!”

shatters quiet bliss 

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