Tuesday, August 22, 2023

SKB, we remember this


Time for the wayback machine? I'm nursing my last beer of the night and might be playing with that...

Aaaand bupkis. I need a tutorial on that shit. In the meantime, I checked out Pagosa Daily Pus and found it still oozing cynicism and the usual "just asking questions" brand of quasi-libelous gossip alive (?) and well (?), the odious troll Bill Wuzisname spinning out tiny words from his miniscule brain. You know this all too well, his (and Glenn Walsh's) hard on for destroying you was a stalker-ish move deserving a place in the Creeper Hall of Fame.

I wonder what happened to Glenn Walsh? Perhaps he was hung by his Adam Smith necktie (dude actually had a portrait of Adam Smith on the tie he wore to every. fucking. meeting.), the invisible hand finishing him off for an unhappy ending.

As for Bill, we know he's still racking muck into a brew flavored with conspiratorial hops and malted SDE. Hopefully he's not slapping women around or stripping off his clothes anywhere outside his residence.

Wow SKB, maybe there's some level of retribution in this post.

You signed all your gifts and love letters "SKB" but I wonder if your monogram is now "SKD" or if you're still with that asshole G. 

Did you leave the country? The last I knew, you were in Durango and still with G, your son held tight. When I searched you up after one of the numerous times N kicked me to the curb like a crushed beer can, finding Durango Herald photos of you, you and your son and G, maybe I dreamt it, IDK. There's nothing online to contradict that I'm crazy so I'm stymied. And impressed at how well you've scrubbed the web of your presence.

Talk to you soon my love!

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