Thursday, August 10, 2023

The first step of 1,000 miles


The Laws of Attraction – that’s my purpose here, to manifest my long-lost soulmate (Sheila K Doppelhammer aka Sheila Berger) and reconnect with her. Rolling dice that I hope are loaded by the universe to land my way, I’m hoping some rando stumbles across this blog and helps me reconnect with Sheila. Articles I’ve read on manifesting someone suggest journaling and this blog consists of excerpts from my day-to-day free writing. So, journaling and keeping myself positive (among other things). If you need to read up on manifesting someone, hit these links:

Likewise, feel free to read previous posts here from when I was attempting to promote myself as a writer. This space has been around since 2012 when I first rented the URL and predates me losing Sheila. This space has had a few iterations and now, it’s dedicated to me manifesting Sheila. From here on in, this space is dedicated to laying out my thoughts to drive my manifesting.

Hey, I didn’t used to be this woo-woo but I had an awakening, a vision, Sheila flashing me her big goofy grin and that turned me from a hardcore atheist to this believer. I have a t-shirt that says, “Science doesn’t care what you believe,” but I now don’t care what science has to say about what I believe.

This journaling/journeying is free-writing, writing on the bones, so I make no apologies for battered prose and weird typos. I’ve got a lot on my plate with all my efforts to manifest Sheila so IDGAF how this all looks.

I’m a desperate man.


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