Sunday, August 13, 2023

Then there's that

 TBH, I don't even think we thought adultery was wrong when we entered into what we made for several years. We were desperate to relieve ourselves of the pain of our everyday lives. Both the relationships we were in were abusive when they weren't devoid of emotion. You had the worst of it—G putting hands on you, knocking you to the floor when he didn't know how else to handle a strong, willful, smart mouthy woman. 

Whatever abuse I got was subtler, not violent in a physical sense. not as rich as her, I would be forever in her debt. The fact that all her money came from her dead dad was inconsequential—I couldn't produce an annual income of 200k from trust money so… well, that took an unfortunate turn after she and I decided to blend families. We have ours, you have yours, live with it.

The first time we kissed, passionately and desiring to be anywhere else but in the rear lot behind Pagosa Bar, the windows of your work truck fogged and dripping. In that moment we weren’t concerned about the spouses we were betraying but only in MANIFESTING our new-found passion.

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