Friday, September 1, 2023

I'd shine my light through cool Colorado rain

 Just my bird and me up in this desert town. One stoplight and all the rest of the tropes including tumbling, tumbling weeds (that originated in Russia, brought to this country for whatever reason).

Patti Smith just came up on my mix and made me think of when you gave me a copy of Just Kids. You looking deep into my soul and realizing what I'd love to read. Our connection made clear so much that this manifestation will finish somewhere.

My kinda PI friend handed me some more information to day, some that indicated you're still with G, more information about an active PO Box. I'm trying that route along with giving your dad a call.

I'll send my letter addressed to Sheila K Doppelhammer. As I've mentioned before, I won't approach your dad like some kind of desperate skip tracer but as an old friend making you aware of the novel I've finished and will get published.  

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