Tuesday, October 10, 2023

I'd love to turn you on

Is it awful that I won’t be here for omg being relocated to Iowa? I’ll be camping, among trees and no desert, breathing away my hatred for this this life I have.

As I wrote some time ago, I work as a corporate drone for a company that leans really far into DEI (and good for them) but takes a large step back from income inequality. It’s infuriating to have emails doing rah-rah on quarterly earnings but failing to spread that around.

IDGAF about how well the company is doing if it’s not reflected in my paycheck. I fucking hate them, I hope all those worthless assholes get a Hamas treatment.

There was a DEI email sent out today standing firmly behind Israel and opposing the Palestinians because, well, that’s the zeitgeist. Ignore the Gaza apartheid and ongoing abuse, we can’t expect barbarism to be answered with barbarism.

It will be so fucking nice to get away from America and all its problems, to disconnect and curl up in a cold night. If there’s no rain, I might just set up my camp cot next to the fire ring and sleep under the stars.

Since this thing isn’t fucking Tik-Tok, I probably will be absent here for the next few nights. I won’t be sad about it.

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