Tuesday, October 31, 2023

You gon' forget about 'em, you gotta live without 'em

On the traditional altars honoring the dead, food is a symbol of Mother Earth. Even the sweetest bread, flavored with orange blossom, has grizzly origins. According to researchers at the Mexican School of Gastronomy, the dough was prepared by mixing honey and human blood as an offering to the gods. [here]

 I'm not much of a baker but I might try that honey and human blood recipe for next Halloween. When the time comes, I'll stock up on OJ and sugar cookies.

Ima show you the scariest thing I saw all Halloween, again:

Once they read the Sermon on the Mount, Trumpers decided their boy was wiser than that liberal faggot Jesus Christ.
Actually, I kinda get some of the folks who wrapped up in the cult of Trump--they feel left behind by the American Dream and a really good salesman convinced them they were next in line for the benefits. They're convinced that, given a second chance (because the last election was stolen), he'll revive the America you see in magazines from the 1950's. 

Yet, I doubt anyone black or brown would view the 1950's in the US as a paradise, nor do I think my Trumpy friends are necessarily racist because they don't see that. It's just that they view the country they grew up in through the lens of their experience, not seeing in any way how people with different-colored skin experienced the very same country.

So... if you acknowledge that, for centuries, the deck has been stacked against POC, that even now, due to centuries of institutional racism, that this country was built on the backs of black slaves from 1619 to now, if you can admit those facts into your brain? You're woke. Not because you drink Bud Light or still shop at Target, none of that has anything to do with being woke. What woke is knowing that it's not always easy for other people because of the color of their skin, that the deck is still stacked against them. 

IDK how the right turned it into this pejorative, "Drinking organic soda? What, are you woke?!?" They've even made it about environmentalism which is fucking insane because "woke" has zero shit to do with climate change. They've even made it about inclusivity, offended if a Sesame Street character wears a hijab or is in a wheelchair, "That's too woke! It must be banned!"

 Which is complete bullshit but here we are, calling candy bars and shoes "woke" and then demanding everyone anti-woke boycott the shit out of something everyone wants. What would Jesus do? Probably wouldn't give a fuck about your bullshit boycott is my guess, maybe cure some lepers and bring the wine to a wedding while you're organizing a fucking stupid boycott of rainbow-colored onesies. Jesus would be like, "WTF are you doing? Feed the poor or build something, get off your fat ass and shut your goddamned mouth!"

Raised Roman Catholic, that's the version of Jesus I remember.

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