Friday, November 3, 2023

Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?

A little too lit to continue with critique—hey it’s Friday night and I did a Delta-9 gummy on top of everything else—so it’s a wonder I’m here at all.

Having said that, it’s hilarious to be IRT for the fall of Trump. He’s always been an insufferable prick and his election made it evident that some people liked that—not a majority of Americans but enough from flyover country to snag the presidency despite not winning the overall vote.

Water under the bridge and Hillary didn’t go ballistic with stolen election claims because, um, she’s not an infantile narcissist.

Straight up, republicans are doomed in 2024, especially if Trump is the GOP nominee. He might have an adoring 30-some part of the population behind him but really, the other 60-70 percent, both dem and rep, can’t stand the guy and see him as a direct threat to our country. A threat to democracy, a menace, the real reason shit seems so fucked up right now.

Of course the media is going to make it look neck-and-neck, they need a horse race to sex up their coverage, they need to make the race to appear like lives are in the balance.

Lives are in the balance but not in the way you’ll hear on anywhere but maybe The Nation or The Jacobin. Not just Palestinian lives but within the diaspora of those displaced by climate change, violence, hopelessness. Which is only going to get worse so someone needs to figure it out.

Trump’s not the guy to do that and more than half the country knows that. If Trump is the GOP nominee for 2024, republicans are going to get smoked, up and down the ballot in almost every state. Even women weren’t protective of their bodies, people weren’t dying from fires, floods, or hot af summers, no one but the cult wants to see that bloviating ballsack back in office.

And since most of the GOP has tied their shoelaces to a veritable oaf, they’ll walk with him into oblivion.

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