Tuesday, January 30, 2024

What are we gonna do now?

 How do I end this? I can't stick my head in the oven because it's electric. Even if I slathered up my head in grease I'd probably not die, end up horribly disfigured and setting my apartment on fire.

This anhedonic trip during the latter part of my life is no fun, lol. There's more than a dozen stories I've started and just left unfinished. An art project I've abandoned. Surf the net for news and memes and fall out at the end of the night with nothing done but eating, reading, and maybe a shower.

The only thing that keeps me engaged are my mixes on Spotify, the next-time-I-do-acid mix, the powerpop collaboration with my daughter, the end-of-life mix to play when they drag my corpse out into the woods and dump me in a hole. 

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