Monday, August 28, 2023

Tomorrow never knows


I "feel" you love, my forever smile, like these messages and rituals are waking you up wherever the fuck you're at rn. 

I like 'rn' and 'atm' and anything else that succinctly sums up my mood and whatnot. 

Back to feeling you and sensing that you're aware, that I am somehow inhabiting sudden substantial space in your head. The me in your mind gradually nagging at your thoughts or, God forbid, this manifesting magic actually working. I prefer to think it's the former. And yet, I desperately want the latter to be true, even if I don't entirely believe in any of it.

I lack faith. And there's the rub. Without faith, this whole endeavor is pointless/ I can walk through the rituals and scratch out the numbers but, without faith, does any of this work?

Or will it work in spite of my faithlessness? 

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