Sunday, August 27, 2023

I heard your voice through a photograph

 Yeah, deep into the dark last night and I'm pretty sure it had everything to do with that Nazi shitbag in Jacksonville killing three people, his fear of black people too much for him to handle. And definitely an incel. Shitbag racist cocksucker. If there's a hell, he's there.

You shoot guns and hunt. I'm totally cool with that (not something I'm into but you know I'd follow you anywhere. Hell, I've owned guns before, they're might handy in the backcountry where the macrofauna apex predators can get they're predating on. 

With that said, there are TOO MANY FUCKING GUNS in this country, most of them in the hands of the unhinged, the historically violent, and emotionally immature. Just this weekend:

1 dead, 19 injured in Muncie, Indiana
9 injured, 1 fatally, in drive-by shooting in Chicago
Michigan shopping center shooting leaves 5 wounded
5 shot Seattle community outreach meeting
7 shot outside Texas nightclub
4 shot, 1 fatally, in Tampa Bay
Los Angeles shooting leaves 1 dead, 3 injured
Shooting in suburban Chicago leaves 1 dead, 4 shot

And of course, three killed in Jacksonville, just because they were black, all dead due to a sick racist mind (can we now declare White Christian Nationalism a mental disorder?)

No one's considered that, as a nation, we look like some war torn third-world country (including the fact we elected a sociopathic narcissist POTUS with lizard eyes, tiny hands, and a brain he could roll between his palms like some kind of squishy fidget toy)? 

Unless you're military, you don't need an AR-15 or whatever weapon of war you think your second amendment rights allow to own. If you're not law enforcement or some kind of licensed security guard, you don't get a sidearm. I've heard more than few hunters say that their sidearm is a "backup" in case the critter they're up against wasn't taken down by their rifle. Um, if you couldn't take it down with a 30-aught-six and are too out of shape to outrun it AFTER YOU SHOT IT WITH A RIFLE, maybe you deserve to be a bear's dinner, dumbass.

We'll dismiss the "well-regulated militia" aspect because all of those Proud Boys/Three-percenters/Oath Keepers/Boogaloos and sundry other dimwits who use the "rise up" argument should read a page of my novel:

“Got it. But until you got God’s mouth-sword in your hands, you probably shouldn’t be
lookin down the US Government, at least not for your first stab at holy war. In case you missed Waco or Ruby Ridge, they got you outgunned by a factor of… how many attack helicopters do you have? Ships at sea, jets in the air? Millions of guys not paying for a week in the woods and not lookin like they spend the rest of their time riding around in golf carts? None of them but the real ones? You know, the guys who do the train-to-kill thing twenty-four-seven? Because that’s what they get paid to do? Not fat-assed retards paying you to pretend they’re badasses.”

God, guns and guts all over the goddamned street. Redneck nation, third world. 

If you escaped this shithole country, bring me to you. NOW.

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